To the people who have come upon my page looking for Marriage Restoration information, please be aware: this site was originally for my wargaming and roleplaying hobbies. I've left a few bits of those pages up - apologies if this jars you for any reason.

Note: This page has a decidedly male bent, surviving "her" affair. Some of the resources are geared towards that end, but know that most of this obviously applies to us all.

God CAN restore broken marriages! He can bring to life what appears to be dead, gone and buried. If you are interested in learning how God can save yours, enter in. It isn't easy and it isn't for everyone...but to those who are called, you've come to the right place.

Just 'cause, here are some of my IRL and fantasy affiliations :)

Kealios' Repository of Knowledge of Many Things

So...what's a "Kealios"?

A figment of my imagination, really. The name came about when I was in Hawaii in 1995 on a school trip. I was fascinated by the Hawaiian language and came up with this name for a character in a story I was creating. Since then, it has become dear to me, an alias - but other than that, it's nothing, really! [I am often asked if it is Greek. It's not, as far as I can tell, though it sure sounds like it!]

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