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To STAND or to RUN:
Runners are runners, in chains of passion, led by their natures, filled with sin. Standers are standers, new creatures in Christ, rising to stand, instructed by Him.

Some day will come the doomsday reckoning, when all accounts are open wide, Standers will be shown as shining examples, of those who served until they died.

Both will be taken in accordance with their choices, whether to stand, or whether to flee, so standers stood, and runners ran to places they tried to hide from Thee.

We'll be home with friends and family, singing our praises because we're free, while the runners are trapped forever in dark places, without a hope, without one plea.

So here we are, for we must go on. We can do this hard, or we can do this strong. Mourning is out and singing is in, for the Love of Christ will win in the end.

Let's stand against whatever may come, not just in short, but also in long. May the Bride be ready, the victorious throng, all those who stood, repented from wrong.

So be sure to buy all the oil that's needed, and burn your lamp for Him alone, for when the time is come, and all is ready, He'll come back for us. and carry us home.

We will meet beyond the sunset, when our time in this world will finally end, to live forever in the presence of Jesus, our wonderful Saviour, our very best Friend.

Stephen Wilcox

"Don't be tempted to use your spouse's choice to cheat as an opportunity to raise yourself up. The Lord is clear we are ALL sinners. But unlike your spouse, you are a sinner seeking reconciliation." - Reconciliation by Transformation Facebook group

God Can

Some of the best marriages are those that have come out of the valley of the shadow of death; those that were once at the verge of total collapse, and those that recovered from seriously deep struggles and hurts. No marriage problem is too deep, too complicated, or too difficult for God to solve. Even the most hardened and most difficult spouses are no match to the saving power of the grace of God. God specializes in transforming hearts and renewing marriages. He has done it for many and he can work a miracle for your marriage today.

Gather your pieces and bring your problems to God in prayer and give him the opportunity turn your marriage around. Believe that “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26. Step back, let go and let God do for you, what you cannot do for yourself. Trust Him. He is able. He has never failed anyone and He doesn't intent to begin with you.

- Isaac Kubvoruno, Together 4 Ever Facebook group

I had a God moment:

I really hate sorting out necklaces that are tangled together.  They're worse than the enormous Gordian Knot which Alexander the Great sliced through with his sword in order to claim Gordium, an ancient city in Asia Minor (Turkey).  I wish I could do that with my necklaces!! But sorting necklaces is delicate work.  Man is like a bull in a china shop (see Alexander the Great above).  Not so, God.  He's patient!

There were originally 5 necklaces tangled together (a good test for patience and perseverance!).  I got it down to just two remaining; it took several LONG painstaking minutes, but finally I separated the two.

At one point I lost patience and needed a break.  Not so God. He's patient!
That's when God spoke.  "That is exactly what it is like with marriages.  I have to sort out ALL the knots, and it takes time to do so without breaking the links.  Then I work on the individual, who has knots of their own to untangle.  This is delicate work.  This is why it takes so long.  Be patient.  Take heart. Be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord! Do not give up!  Trust Me."   

Psalm 27:14 (NIV)
 Wait for the Lord;
   be strong and take heart
   and wait for the Lord.

- Anonymous

 "Ishmael" children born from adultery

From time to time I see comments from Standers who wonder thing such as, "seeing posts of men [or women] starting families with other women makes me wonder why God would allow a child to be born while working to restore a previous family."

Many times the pain at the thought of such an atrocity leads these Standers to say that if that were to happen, they would up and quit their Stand. Oh man, I get it.

My most recent response to such a post was this:

The wages of sin are death. Part of what people love to call "Free Will" is God permitting us to live with the results of our sin. He is clear in His word that He can turn everything to our good - not because our spouses having children while in their adultery is good, but if we are willing to let God work in us, He can and will make it work out. How? No idea - I'm not God, thank God :)

He does have a will and a purpose for even those children born of sin. He sure had a plan for Ishmael (see Genesis 21). As part of your free will, you also have the ability to turn from God's will for your life [referencing the declaration to quit Standing if this should occur], and as long as you're willing to live with the consequences of doing so, then there really is nothing stopping you.

That being said, I get it. I am repulsed by the idea also - yet early on in my Stand (August 2016) I had a feeling that my wife might get pregnant, and I promised God to love that child like it was my own, if it came to that. She is not pregnant yet, but every day she is with him, it is a distinct and very real possibility that I am not looking forward to seeing realized.

We don't Stand because it's fun. It isn't because of any moon-eyed dreamy hope that we put ourselves through this emotional and psychological abuse that is adultery and abandonment and spite by our spouses. We Stand because our spouses are deep in sin, and their very salvation is in question (1 Cor 6:9-10, Heb 13:4). We Stand because God is looking for those who will lay down their life for their loved ones at the very expense of our own - and if Jesus came back tomorrow, your spouse would be immediately accountable for every unrepentant action they have done, and you will be rewarded for your faithfulness. We don't do this for the here-and-now. We Stand for our eternal future and the future of our loved ones and EVEN the strange man or woman with whom our spouses are in adultery with. We Stand because God redeems. How can we give up on our covenant one-flesh spouse when they are in peril?

I don't believe we can. A lot of pain comes out of our current situations, for sure, but a lot of redeeming good can also come out of them as well if we Stand our ground, with faith and hope in the redemptive power of our Lord Jesus Christ, and continue to be faithful to lift up our families, our lives, and our circumstance (ALL of them) to God. He fights our battles, He knows our hearts and the hearts of our loved ones, and He STILL has a plan and a purpose for each one of us. Don't be rebellious and disobedient like your spouse is. Remain in humility and love, as challenging as this is. It's for your own sanctification and refinement as much as it is for the salvation of your spouse and the restoration of your family. -Gavin, Dec 8, 2017

Exhortation: "(Not Responding)" - Anonymous
In my work, we use Outlook for emailing and calendars.  I am responsible for several calendars in my role on the administrative team.  This year, our organization has switched all of the support of these programs over to a server/cloud somewhere out there in the great unknown.  At first, this was great!!  It seemed as though we could send and receive emails, collaborate and create events, meetings, book meeting spaces, SO QUICKLY!!  It was electronic communication UTOPIA.  I felt like Super Girl.

Sigh. But alas, we phased in another 3,000 or so users to our “cloud” and things have, well, slowed down in the immediate results we had become so used to….wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down.   We get frustrated that we aren’t completing the task at hand RIGHT NOW….and, worse, we have to wait for some unknown, unseen “thing” to happen out there before we can resume our work.

I can click all day long on an appointment in the calendar and a little, blue circle timer thingy comes up and “spins” showing me that I have to wait for “something” to connect out there somewhere, while I get this glaring message, that says: “(Not Responding)” at the top of my screen.  Eventually, I have no choice but to click the red “X” to exit at the top right, and options will come up asking me to choose: “Restart Program” or “Close Program” or “Wait for Program to Respond” ………. bleh, right?  All I want to do is get this done and go on about my business!  I don’t have time to wait around for something out there in the unknown to free up for my task to move forward!!  

I feel like this about my husband out there, sometimes.  I know how stubborn he can be and I wish there were some button I could click and just choose to “Restart Program” because he is “(Not Responding)” the way I want him to about coming home….as quickly as I would like for him to…

Our relationship with God is, if you think about it, and in our stands, the same way.  We pray, pray, pray.  We think we are getting a “(Not Responding)” message from Him or our Lost.  Yuck.  We watch, in our heads, that blue circle timer thingy just spinning, telling us to wait, something is happening…. somewhere out there, unseen, unheard, unknown…because our FAITH assures us it IS, but sometimes, we just feel UGH! (and, God really IS working!) ….and we wait, and wait some more…. Eventually, we get tired and we click around in our impatience.  Should we “Restart the Program?”  Should we just move on with our lives and restart with someone else, like the world tells us?  Seems logical!  We wouldn’t be lonely!  We could have fun! The catch, you ask?  It would only take us out of the program for a while, and we would have to wait for the whole darn thing to start up again and put us right back where we started. (Can I get an Amen?)  We may make plans, but God chooses our paths.  God will allow us for a time to go out there and “move on” but He will bring us right back to where we started.  Marriage restoration is the one miracle I can think of where God calls us to participate because He created our covenant and made us ONE with our spouses, so it’s a package deal!  No shortcuts with that!

We could choose to “Close Program” -- kind of like “Restart” except by the time we get to this point, we aren’t just tired, we are angry, bitter and hardened and we just want the mess to end, right now, forever – D O N E.  Again, we could just shut the whole thing down, probably lose our work, but the task still isn’t finished just because we closed the program.  Nope.  We still have a task to complete.  We still have that program sitting there, nagging our consciences because we didn’t finish, and we probably shut it down in hasty anger.  The Holy Spirit continually nudges us (and our Lost) to do what is right. He is still there.  We cannot close off the Holy Spirit from flooding our hearts and minds with memories and His presence.  He is always touching and softening our hearts because we know we didn’t finish what we were called to do, until we finally surrender ourselves to Him.…sigh….and God smiles, and says, “Sweet child, welcome back!” ….and He fills our hearts with even more love for our Lost than ever before, leaving us in awe of the merciful, loving, grace and forgiveness of our Father for bringing us back to our stand…again…. humbled and ready to continue to fight.
Then, there’s the final choice, and the safest, really: “Wait for Program to Respond” Yep.  This is when we sit and watch the little blue circle timer thingy spin.  We busy ourselves with a few other tasks.  We remain patient and calm, trusting and knowing, that the things we cannot see, hear, or know, are doing their “thing” to complete our task without losing an ounce of our effort and hard work.  It’s the same as we are doing waiting for God.  We can choose to do all sorts of things that would distract us, damage, or even end our stands when we become impatient, angry, or fed up with the whole thing.  

Oh, but waiting on God’s promises!!  YES!!  BUT GOD!  It isn’t a “(Not Responding)” response He is giving us, not at all!!  He is strengthening us, developing our character.  He is healing and restoring us.  He is growing and developing us….and at the very same time, He is doing the very same thing for our Lost!  Each half of the whole is being renewed, so when the time comes to restore there is No need to “Restart”, No need to “Close”, No need to “Wait” --- So you see, that  “(Not Responding)” message we were struggling with, was totally Responding alllllllll alonggggggg…. that blue circle timer thingy was actually connected the whole time during our faithful wait…to our Lost’s heart and to God.

Encouragement and Exhortations for your Stand

Standers, Remember this:
Letting go does NOT mean giving up. Surrender your spouse to GOD (let Him deal with them, hold them accountable, and discipline or punish as He sees just and fit), be obedient to HIS word, focus on healing your wounds and simply let GOD do the rest. He is GOOD at His job!

God Made The Marriage Covenant – 12/7/17

The LORD is Not pleased with the far too many spouses abandoning their husbands/wives and running around with other people that they are absolutely not in Covenant with doing what they have no business doing! The consequences behind these actions can bring eternal damage so spouses on the receiving end of this gross injustice must pray for these lost husbands/wives. This may not be what you want to hear and it may not be what you want to do, but I encourage you to set yourself in agreement with The LORD and remain in GOD’S Will for it is written that it is not The LORD’S Will that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. [2 Peter 3:9]

The LORD has called for us to pray for all men, to pray with ceasing and HE has told us that the effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. Do not allow the enemy to whisper lies to you trying to justify you being in unforgiveness, refusing to pray and having a hardened heart otherwise now it is not just your spouse’s soul that’s in danger, but yours too. You vowed for better or worse that you would Love and do certain things and those vows mean even if your spouse doesn’t that you will. People you must understand that your vows are not only to your spouse, but your vows are also unto The Most High GOD!

The fact that you are so angry and/or so hurt that you have refused to pray, refused to Love, refused to forgive and hope that bad things happen to your spouse is evidence that not only is your spouse in wrong standing with GOD, but so are you. JESUS paid the price on the cross for not just your sins and my sins, but the sin of your spouse. Yes JESUS shed HIS Precious BLOOD for adulterers too. Refusing to do what The LORD has said and using the behavior of your spouse as an excuse is rebellion and The LORD has said that rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. Is this what you want to answer to GOD for?

Failure to do this shows that you are not looking to the hills from where your help comes, but you are looking at your spouse. Failure to do this shows you are walking by sight and not by faith and remember without faith it is impossible for us to please GOD. I urge you to die to that flesh of yours and submit yourselves unto GOD resist the devil and he must flee. You cannot put your trust in man; you must put your trust in GOD. Consider your ways and repent. We are called to be rooted and grounded in LOVE. Ask The LORD for forgiveness and repent, dust yourself off, get up and move forward in the Will of GOD.

The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise.
Proverbs 11:30

Harden not your hearts, as in the provocation, in the day of temptation in the wilderness:
When your fathers tempted ME, proved ME, and saw MY works forty years.
Wherefore I was grieved with that generation, and said, They do alway err in their heart; and they have not known MY ways.
So I sware in MY wrath, They shall not enter into MY rest.)
Take heed, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief, in departing from the living GOD.
Hebrews 3:8-12

For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your Heavenly FATHER will also forgive you:
But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your FATHER forgive your trespasses.
Matthew 6:14-15

God is an Artist

Think of God as an artist. When you stand close to a piece of artwork in progress, you don't know what it is, but when you step away from it you see a beautiful picture coming together.


When you are weary of waiting, remember Our Lord Jesus was a carpenter. He is carving you and your marriage into a masterpiece worthy to be displayed in the heavenlies [Eph 3:10-11] in front of thousands of his angels and the Accuser, the devil, saying, "Look at this piece of beauty (You and your spouse) I have made." It could be the wood used to make the ark of the covenant, the table on which the sanctified bread was kept, or the cross itself. The carpenter knows how to carve, how to polish off rough edges, how to sand and smooth, then to give you glean and shine. It will take time, but in the end He must be happy with the outcome of His creation. We don't want to be a useless wobbly piece of stool ,imbalanced and unsteady. Let the Carpenter finish His business He started in us.

Your Marriage Can be Restored:
MARK 9:23
"Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth."

There is no doubt about this scripture. Jesus Christ, who is God in the flesh, said these words to us believers, but why are we not believing? Depending on where we are spiritually, it may take hours to weeks or months. The reason why it takes more than we expect is because God wants to change us. Many of us have behaviors that hurt our spouses and God wants to make you aware of them and remove them from you. God knows you more than you know yourself. So it is better to relax and see his faithfulness in prepairing you for a beautiful relationship for your spouse. When you allow God to change you through His Holy Spirit, you become a gift from God to your spouse and children.

We have seen people who joined our forum and expected the miracle of restoration to happen the next hour. Yes, God can restore your spouse right away, but the problem that caused your marital pain is not resolved. True repentance and submission to God's principle will result in reconciliation and restoration. We had an individual who wanted their spouse to return right away without change, and we prayed and God brought the spouse back - and 2 weeks later they disbanded - because the problem was still there (in the stander, by the way). The standing spouse was over-controlling. God wants to change an over-controlling spouse - God wants to open their eyes and show them what needs to be changed about them for a peaceful co-existence.

Some spouses are manipulative and abusive without knowing it. We once had a spouse who was a pathological liar; the truth is that they will lie without thinking about it. They said they changed but it was not true - when God returned their spouse to them, it only took 24 hours before they returned to their separation. Folks, change must happen. Find out what is causing problems in your marriage, acknowledge the problem, pray about it and ask God to intervene and He will do it. A cheating spouse is a liability to their marriage - they can bring HIV/AIDS home; they can make babies outside the marriage; they can spend marital wealth on other people. God can change all that if we cry out to Him.

We pray for all who want genuine change. We bind and extinguish evil strongholds that keep them bound to sin. We release the fire of the Holy Spirit to burn every demonic entity that keeps them hurting their spouse. We send God's Holy Angels to your homes tonight to drive away all evil spirits. Receive genuine change that will result in the restoration of your marriage, in Jesus Name, Amen.